Do it your way

You can get started with Etiq AI any way you like for free. Download our Python package of sample codes and begin using it right away with your test models. Or you can use our test Sandbox to get additional tools so you can see how it all works. And when you’re ready, you can sign up for Etiq AI Core to get a limited version of our standard product complete with dashboard, optimisation tools and integration with our AWS SaaS platform.

And if you want to take things a step further and really put Etiq AI to work on your AI and ML models, you can talk to us about our bespoke Enterprise package.

Etiq AI Python package

Cost: FREE

Our Python package contains notebooks full of code samples that you can run locally on test data so you can get a flavour of what we can do for you. Download our Python package and start using it straight away with your test data.

  • Multiple Pipelines to identify & repair bias within models
  • Detailed features and segments analysis
  • Easy installation with PIP
  • Be part of our user community

Etiq AI Sandbox

Cost: FREE

You can run our test environment locally with any test data source. Plug it in and get to work using code samples from our Python package to check accuracy, find missed opportunities and root out unintended bias.

  • Our safe test environment
  • Python package integration to our SaaS version
  • Basic level dashboard
  • Multilevel analytical and optimisation reporting
  • Manage multiple projects

Etiq AI Core

Cost: Contact Us

Our core product provides a preconfigured set of scans that you can use to run tests on live data in your standard environment.

Run limited tests to check consistently for errors, reveal hidden business opportunities and remove potential sources of bias.

Save time now with a few minutes rather than spend hours debugging.

  • Python package integration to our SaaS platform
  • Detailed intelligence dashboard
  • Multilevel analytical and optimisation reporting
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Easy integration via AWS Marketplace

Etiq AI Enterprise

Cost: Custom Pricing

Now you’re ready for the real deal.

Totally flexible, you can use Etiq AI Enterprise exactly how you want to and we can adapt it to your needs.

  • Everything available in Etiq AI Core
  • All pipelines and no usage restrictions
  • Secure API access
  • Custom integrations with your ML ops
  • Manage multiple teams across multiple projects
  • Easily deploy to your own cloud instance