Say goodbye to unintended bias in AI systems

Say hello to user base growth with transparency and fairness

Building Trusted AI that helps you grow is a flexible and customizable software platform for data scientists, risk, and business managers in the insurance, lending, and technology industry. The platform allows users to identify and mitigate the unintended bias in machine learning algorithms at the earliest stages and build services appropriate for a variety of groups in their consumer base. can be tailored to fit and is easy to use so that companies can grow faster and mitigate risk better. With our platform, you can ensure the agility and productivity of your data science teams.

Different Solutions Based On Your Needs

By focusing on paramount issues of fairness, accuracy, transparency, and equal odds we are finding missed business opportunities and help develop trusted machine learning models.

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Etiq Testing

Tools provided by our platform for data science and tech teams so that they can test and store pipelines. You can make parallel comparisons between pipelines when experimenting with debiasing.

Etiq Monitor

A set of proprietary tools and key metrics allowing data scientists and tech teams to identify areas of improvement, perform model monitoring and diagnosis when it comes to fairness, bias, and accuracy in their algorithms.

Etiq Optimise

A unique bias mitigation package to help data scientists transform the data from the early, pre-production stage, automating the process and making sure the algorithm's decisions are in line with your ethical framework and business goals.

ETIQ Explain

For both tech and commercial teams, an interactive dashboard that helps understand and substantiate the drivers behind machine learning models, showcase risk evaluation, accuracy, fairness, and growth potential.

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Use Cases


By ensuring the accuracy of your models and mitigating unintended bias and related issues, you will be able to see right into the black box of AI - see missed business opportunities across all customer segments, help better match your products or solutions with the right customer base. This way, ETIQ helps increase user acquisition and customer satisfaction, lower the churn rate, and discover new revenue streams.



With the right algorithm models and scoring logic, we can help keep risk factors low and transparent. ETIQ debiasing process will make sure you can have a very detailed overview of where the risk factors are, gain understanding of vulnerable demographic segments and shape algorithms based on more accurate risk potentials.


With ETIQ model building and our proprietary debiasing and fairness tools, you could increase ML models accuracy and transparency that will help avoid reputational threats, meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR and discrimination laws.

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Fraud & KYC

ETIQ makes sure your technology stays accurate, transparent, explainable as you are building models to identify and predict risk factors that can lead up to potential fraud.

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Paul Resnik


"I have been very interested and encouraged by the work of Etiq in the space of algorithmic bias. Algorithmic logic is fundamentally human and therefore can be readily biased. It is essential, in our increasingly digital world, that test creators effectively manage their biases. Etiq, in my opinion, is at the cutting edge of biases awareness."

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FinaMetrica (Risk tolerance testing)

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