Easy to install Python library and Dashboard

Dashboard First!

  1. Firstly you should sign up for a free account on our dashboard . This gives you a way to visualise your projects and results of your scans.
  2. After logging in, click on the user circle in the top right of the page and click "Manage Access Tokens". Access tokens allow you to connect your notebook/scripts to the Etiq dashboard.
  3. Screenshot of the dashboard showing the user menu and the token management page
  4. Create a new Access Token by entering a name for it (any will do) and press "Add".
  5. A new token is generated. Press "Copy to Clipboard".
  6. Save this token somewhere – we'll need it soon.

Library Install

Now we're ready to install the library.

  1. In the command line, run pip install etiq to install the python library. If you're using Conda, the command isconda install etiq.

This will install the latest copy of the library to your computer.

Apache Spark Integration New!

If you want to use our Apache Spark integration, install our etiq-spark package:
pip install etiq-spark


We recommend our quickstart guide at https://docs.etiq.ai/quickstart which will get you up and running.

Sample Notebooks

We also have a set of downloadable Jupyter notebooks at https://github.com/ETIQ-AI/ml-testing where you can see how the library can be used with your data and models.


If you're having trouble installing or using the library, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.