The AI testing platform that grows with you

Etiq AI is the testing platform that can help your business grow. Our flexible and customisable software platform allows you to quickly and easily run tests on your AI and machine learning models as you develop them. Correct errors, ensure compliance and eradicate unintended bias - so you can cut costs and reduce risk across your organisation.

How we can help you

Testing with Etiq dashboard


Catch AI errors before they ruin your weekend. Our proprietary tools and key metrics allow you to identify areas of improvement, as well as perform ongoing model monitoring and diagnosis so you can root out problems early, find missed business opportunities and develop trusted machine learning models. Benefits: Spot hidden business opportunities early, save on redevelopment costs, increase user acquisition and customer satisfaction, lower the churn rate, and discover new revenue streams.

Understanding data with Etiq dashboard


Our interactive dashboard and automated reports help you to understand the drivers behind machine learning models, showcasing risk evaluation, accuracy, fairness, and growth potential – all while meeting regulatory requirements such as GDPR, FCA requirements and discrimination laws.

Benefits: Hassle-free explainability to help you justify your AI and ML models to executives and regulators – and ensure compliance by future-proofing against potential AI legislation.

Screenshot of optimisation charts on the dashboard


Create checks and guidelines to continually scan for potential issues including data drift and inherent bias to raise the bar and help make your future models as good as they can be.

Benefits: Alerts and suggested solutions help you build in accuracy and reliability to deliver better AI and ML models every time.

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How We Do It

Easy set-up and use

Download the test version for free and give it a go. If you like it, you can subscribe with no obligation and get started with our library of example notebooks. Or create your own. Set up direct from AWS Marketplace with one click (or other platforms including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - call us and we'll talk you through it).


Dashboard with automated reports

In-depth reports automatically generated for all your scans enhance visibility of your models so you can explain them to your executives or regulators. Using the online dashboard you can easily export reports as images or Excel files.

Secure and reliable

Our proprietary software is tested, approved and comes with project-level access for your teams. Etiq AI doesn't store any of your data - it remains in your own private cloud or on-premises environment at all times.

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Flexible solution

Whatever stage your AI models are at, Etiq AI can help you make them better. Plug in our out-of-the-box solutions straight away, or develop your own bespoke versions to fine-tune your model testing.