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Etiq AI modelling assessment

Whether you want to optimise your existing AI or ML models or you’re at the early stage of developing new ones, we can help you to build them better thanks to our deep knowledge, expertise and specially developed code and algorithms. Our services are designed to make sure your models are as good as they can be and save you time, money and help you meet your compliance targets. On average, each of our tests saves ten working days for each test.Our plug and play test solutions provide data scientists with a structured approach to identify and rectify anomalies in their AI pipelines at a rate which is 10 data scientist man days faster than manual work.

We’ll work with you to examine your AI models – existing or new builds – and develop solutions to help make them better, faster. Depending on your requirements, our programme usually begins with a data and models assessment, mapping out your existing estate. Then we’ll suggest fixes and solutions in line with your business goals. And finally we’ll hand it over to you, so you can keep Etiq AI working on your future models.

Our services

We can work with you as little or as much as you want, depending on your stage of development and level of expertise. Any or all of our services can be adapted to suit your needs and deliver a bespoke solution to meet your business requirements. As an example, here’s what we can do for you:

Assessment and planning

Set up ML testing and monitoring for your key AI and ML models and data

  • Data and models assessment – with up to three rounds of independent pre-production QA of model, data and code
  • Interviews – with business, product and tech teams to gain deeper understanding of your set-up and requirements
  • Issue identification – including bias, drift, leakage, overfitting, fairness or robustness and more, both pre and in pro
  • duction
  • Insights – set up automation to enable model explainability
  • Recommendations and implementation - we can give you a report on any issues and also practical suggestions on how to fix them based on best practice and our experience

Monitoring and testing environment

Establish ongoing testing and monitoring across your AI and ML models.

  • Help you develop a bespoke framework, process and toolkits for ongoing testing and monitoring of your AI and ML models and code
  • Extend testing and monitoring capabilities (eg test types) and tooling to support evolving requirements for new models
  • Set up tools and recommend the most suitable API to deliver your required business benefits
  • Review and hands-on support when needed to ensure your project completes quickly


Upskilling and training to enable your team to monitor and test new and existing models on an ongoing basis.

  • Handover of testing and monitoring suite and environment to your team
  • Use of Etiq AI platform: out of the box testing across experimentation and AI/ML ops
  • Ongoing platform support and on-demand guidance from Etiq AI staff


Your business has much to gain from an Etiq AI modelling assessment.

  • Save time and money during development to go from prototype to production faster
  • Build confidence and maximise your team’s impact from the get-go
  • Develop internal capability for advanced monitoring and testing
  • Peace of mind that your compliance guidelines will be met

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